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Samstag, 9. Februar 2019, 21:20

Someone Sold Me Their Nitrado Account, Is That Against The Terms Of Service?

i'm not exactly sure where to post this but i have a question, well a few. is selling or buying nitrado accounts against the terms of service? basically an owner decided to quit with the ark cluster and sold it to me for 100 bucks. i've owned it for a week now, i've fixed all the issues and coding on the server and have a nice community now. he told me today he wants the account back or he will just call nitrado and get it back. i have proof he sold it to me. i did change the password and added an authenticator on the account. when i tried earlier in the week to change the email address he said when he clicked on it that it just sent him to a blank screen. can he get the account back with just the email even though he cant access the authenticator? i'm thinking now not only did he try to scam me out of 100 bucks but also my coding for the cluster... i literally coded 6 maps... any information on these questions would be appreciated.



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Donnerstag, 14. Februar 2019, 22:56

Hey Brettwix,

we can't give you legal advice. Just be sure to never buy accounts. It's generally a really bad idea no matter of it's allowed or not.
May talk to the Nitrado Support directly.

You can find the terms here:


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