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Freitag, 8. Juni 2018, 10:16

MSI laptop issues.


I'm hoping to run Resolume Arena v5 on my MSI GS60 laptop. It's the i7 6700 version with the GTX 970m 6GB VRAM. 8GB DDR4 RAM. HDMi/mini DP/USBc outputs. Currently playing the stock content from the HDD (i know...I know. I'll get an SSD if I can improve the performance on this laptop). Resolume is running on the m.2 c drive With one external monitor attached it was hit and miss whether I could get the display to go full screen. Sometimes it would crash. I could play a stock content clip on the laptop display only at 59/60 fps. If I got the second output playing the fps would drop to anywhere from 15 to 40 fps. My drivers are up to date and I have the Nvidia settings set to use the Nvidia card in general and for Resolume (though it calls it Total War). MSI laptops (or mine at least) has a led ring around the power button which is blue when the Intel card is running and amber for the Nvidia. It is amber when running Resolume. I've uninstalled Nahimic and it seems to have fixed the crashing but the fps is still around the 30-40. I don't expect mirracles from a mobile graphics card, but my 2012 Macbook pro plays stock content steady at 59/60 fps. Is Resolume known to have issues with Optimus? Can someone give me some decent advice please?

Please help

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Thank you

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