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Thursday, February 14th 2019, 2:17pm

Author: Diatrix30


Hello, How do we know when its working, still don't see it up in my event list when choosing current official event. Are you letting us know something or , do we need togo first online too, till its showing up in the list of events ? Greetings Moyra(charname)

Sunday, February 3rd 2019, 12:47am

Author: Diatrix30

can't log on my server anymore, first time this is happening

Hi there, I'm playing ISO crystalisle now for a while , never had issues with till yest evening, dc'd suddenly without any reason and not i can't log in anymore, did everything so far, restarted server couple of times still saying at the end host timeout blabla. Validate my steam , checked my nivid geforge all is upto date and still can't log in again, is first time i have this issue, keeps saying host timeout etc