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Thursday, July 20th 2017, 11:18pm

Author: timjanssen88

server disconnect

Hi! Thanks for contacting us! I looked in your server, I can see a crashlog in your logefiles. Is it correct that your server is back online?

Tuesday, July 18th 2017, 5:01pm

Author: timjanssen88

Please delete my account

Account should be removed hope to see you again!

Tuesday, June 27th 2017, 11:00am

Author: timjanssen88

ROKH Hosting? Restart Loop.

Hi! Welcome on the forum. I suggest to make a ticket. I think they can fix the problem.

Tuesday, May 30th 2017, 7:44pm

Author: timjanssen88

The game folder is currently not available. Please reinstall the game server if the problem persists

Quoted from "carsfearme" Mine went away but now stuck restarting Hi, i have looked in your server. I see that your server is fixed and has stopped restarting again and again. Enjoy gaming! And what about that message: normally you get that during server problems or a update. Give it some time and other contact the support team by telephone or a ticket.

Tuesday, May 30th 2017, 7:41pm

Author: timjanssen88 site down

Hi, we had some problems with ddos attacks. Everythink should be work fine now.