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Tuesday, September 15th 2015, 9:06pm

Author: odiotte

[ARK: Survival Evolved] Important information for Patch 210.X

Same issue here. Server has been unplayable for 2 days... Tired of getting spammed with messages from my users asking me to change to a more stable hosting provider...

Tuesday, September 15th 2015, 3:11pm

Author: odiotte

It's been 8 hours now! - Still not up

Quoted from "KingDome24" Unfortunately customers here in the board aren't able to help you. Maybe not, but it help knowing that other customers have issues as well. Makes us feel we are not a isolated case and validate the poor quality of service. My Ark server has been unplayable for 2 days now, even after multiple restart. Looking for another provider as we speak.

Saturday, August 29th 2015, 1:50am

Author: odiotte

[ARK] Server stuck on restarting...

Same issue here, been stuck on restarting for a good 30 minutes... It is now "Started" in its usable state...

Saturday, August 29th 2015, 1:16am

Author: odiotte

ark server wont start.

I am having the same issues... Takes 20+ minutes to (really)start the server. Looks like if you only see the IP Addess : xxxxxxx line under Server Status in the web interface, it means the server is not accessible, even though it is stated that the server is started. Once all the information is shown under Server Status, the server is really started and accessible.