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Donnerstag, 14. Februar 2019, 00:13

Server will not start.

Its Funny that your support phone numbers are down and that is not logged on for us to complain to. I had to call german support this morning, thankful they speak english, I had a problem with my server not starting, just sitting there saying it was restarting, then after refreshing the page, it gave me the option to force stop or start the server. Of course Force start does nothing, but force stop does work. But that does not get my server up and running so myself and my friends can play. My ticket is more than 10 hours old. That is pretty sad if you ask me, I expected more from your customer service.

I noticed that a good amount of people are experiencing this same issue, I am sure like me, they would like some answers. So please explain to us what is going on and how you are working on the issue and what you plan to do to compensate us paying customers for time lost.