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Friday, February 2nd 2018, 4:46am

[ARK] [SC] Early Cancelation

I am severely disappointed in my purchase. I am disappointed because I learned I can only add 1 mod to my ark server when I would like to add many. If this is incorrect and you can add more can you please send a reply on how to do it BEFORE canceling my domain? Thank you. I would like to refund it, but I read that refunds are impossible(doubt it). So instead I would like to cancel my domain, that I purchased today, early.



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Saturday, February 3rd 2018, 5:31am

Any billing inquiries you will need to create a ticket through Support. Us in the forums can not do anything to assist.

To answer your MOD question; I am assuming you run a PC server. Technically you can run as many as you want. However you cant just keep adding them. Each mod uses up resources. Which means the more you add, the worse your gameplay could be. Also visit steam and learn more about mods. IE: Stackable (green puzzle) vs a Yellow or dino mod which modifies the core. Some people run none. Some servers I have seen run 30-40. I would not recommend having alot. I have one server running 17, and the rest at 7. The problem also is the more mods you have, the long it takes anyone to connect. Oh, also the more mods you have, obviously more updates. And when their are updates and YOU dont update them, no one will be able to connect until you update (mod mismatch).
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