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Sonntag, 13. Januar 2019, 01:05

Atlas Server Preorder status

So just how long does one have to wait to get their server up ? its now been a week and still nothing some kind of timeline would be nice.



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Sonntag, 13. Januar 2019, 02:34


Multiple threads exist here with the same question. Us in the forums have no way of providing an ETA.
Here is a thread that talks briefly towards the end and some suggestions.…ase/index3.html

Another thread provides this info-
" we're trying to get everything done as best and as quality as possible, sadly this does sacrifice speed.
While we could blanket install a bunch of orders, it's likely that the performance of those servers would be affected. We've taken to the process of installing servers in batches, monitoring performance, ensuring everything is a-okay, then moving onto the next batch."

Nothing more that we can provide. Thank you for your patience as Nitrado works through the work orders.
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