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[Miscellaneous] Nitrado ATLAS Features

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Friday, February 8th 2019, 5:51pm

Nitrado ATLAS Features


As I discover or learn of new features or info about Atlas servers offered by Nitrado, I will update this announcement thread.
Of course folks can always visit (the official Atlas forum for the latest and greatest stuff).
This thread is specific say the Web Panel and Configuration.

Let's start off with Q&A. (*note- when this post was created, either these features were options or part of a top 10 questions I have read or been asked)

Q: Does Nitrado have it where the claim flags of the company and alliances appear?
A: YES! Option was added to the Main Atlas server. Go to your Server/Services>Settings>General look for "Enable territory map" Check it to enable.
By enabling it will be enabled to not only the main server, but if you have expansion; they will be enabled as well. Even if you have it set up where the expansions ignore the config from the main, it will still work.

Q: I do not want to use the Claim Flag feature or gameplay at all. Will Nitrado allow me to remove it?
A: YES! Go to your Server/Services>Setting>General and look for "Don't Use Claim Flags"

Q: When I am docked, I do not want non allied folks to step on my ship. Does Nitrado have this feature available to enable?
A: YES! Although some will argue this is a Pirate game, and in the real world...nvmd- different place. Go to your Server/Services>Settings>General look for "Allow Non Aligned Ship Basing in PvE "

Q: I want to use mods for Atlas? Can I?
A: Currently you can do it yourself through the JSON. Note: By doing this through the JSON, you are risking your game and its files. This is an Early Access game- therefor not really a good idea yet. Posting already exist on how this is done. If you do choose this risk Nitrado STRONGLY recommends to make a backup of your JSON config. Part 2: Nitrado knows folks want mods, and many have asked about an interface like the ARK servers have. This is in the works. We are not able to provide an ETA (estimate time of arrival).

Q: Can I control to restart a single server in a cluster or all at once?
A: YES! A new button has been added "restart cluster"

Q: Is it true that a single server is really a single grid?
A: YES! It will be grid A1. Note to not compare this A1 with official A1. You can custom your own grids. ;)

Q: When I post at forums or other sites I feel no one answer to my JSON files. Why?
A: Well, we can only guess to be honest. Either no one knows the answer or that the JSON custom work is a bit complicated if you are new to it. And the folks that have learned spent hours either learning on their own or watching videos. So many resources now exist how to make/edit the JSON. Also you need careful planning. i.e.: say you want a 2x2 grid but know in the future it will be 3x3: better build your file now as 3x3. It is much easier to add, then take away. But- if you do build or plan for the larger picture you will have red grids lines since the game thinks a server/grid exists.

Q: Can we share JSON files?
A: If you do, be aware of all the risks. Some are: your server passwords are in that file. Some of the server config is in it for your specific server. Just know what to remove and pass it on. No, I do not have a list of all the stuff to remove. Most of us download our server existing and modify it from there. It is really easy to increase the size of the grid for your cluster. Dropping Islands and so forth does get easier with practice.

Q: If I am doing my own Custom JSON, what is out there say on Island counts.
A: Depends what you are going for. We have seen servers with about 7-8 maps and fit comfortably.

Q: What is the letters EA?
A: Believe it or not, I get asked that a lot. The context of the use here is "Early Access". Means game is not released fully. It is actively being worked on. Bugs are going to happen, updates will be more often than you probably want to happen. EA is a risk, but the Devs LOVE folks to play EA as they are collecting the feedback as they improve it.

Q: Why do moderators here post or refer to "create ticket w/Nitrado Support- do this:".
A: This forum is not a forum for personal server/billing/account questions. That is why you are being referred to create a ticket. Nitrado core staff are taking calls, working on tickets, and working hard in the office. The forums are mostly moderated by "Volunteers". Volunteers do not have access to customer accounts/servers/billing. Most of what we reply with is based on personal experience or skills. Each Volunteer has their area of interest or skills. The Volunteer Moderators also keep the forums clean of unprofessional activity as per the forum rules, removal of duplicate threads, spams. Sometimes tickets are delayed. Nitrado Support does work each ticket in the order received. It is VERY important to put as much detail as you can the first time. Include what you have done already in troubleshooting.

Nitrado appreciates your Business and Involvement in the Community Support Forum for each other.
Thank you.

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