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Sonntag, 3. März 2019, 19:55

ATLAS Server constant problems - Always crashes after official update

So since I have paid for 90 days (like a fool) and can't play on my atlas server because of the last update why can't we select if we want an update. Allow us to turn off updates. I am getting real sick of having to do a total wipe of the server in order to get it running again after updates. Now my master server is down and the expansions are up. So no one can join if they are new or in the freeport server zone.

And why don't we have access to d/ our data files so we can restore after a wipe?

I have had several people ask me who I was using for server hosting and I don't hesitate to tell them Nitrado. They have all thanked me and have gone to other providers. So far I have confirmed 23 people who have actually started servers on G-Portal because Nitrado is total crap hardware, software, and support doesn't exist for English speaking customers.



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Sonntag, 3. März 2019, 21:33

Sorry you are having issues.

Updates are automatic and pushed. You shouldnt have to be doing a restore after each update. My Atlas servers have been fine. Sometimes when a patch is release, its a bit until it updates but I am ok with that.
Also, you do have access to your files. On the WebUI it provides the FTP info so you may download them. so if you grab your files via FTP, and grab your json, you have the full backup.

If you are still having issues or wish to address them to Nitrado Support, please submit a ticket. Nothing we can do as Forum Moderators.
Here is the link:

Thank you.
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