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Monday, November 2nd 2015, 5:15pm

How to backup save my server?

I'm going to be leaving the country soon and away for quite some time. As such, my subscription is winding down and I won't be renewing it. How can I create a backup save of my Ark server so I can renew and pick up where I left off in the future when I come back?

A concise detailed explanation would be appreciated. Game server has 10 days left.


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Monday, November 2nd 2015, 9:55pm

Get a FTP Client (eg Filezilla), log in with your FTP Settings as displayed at the dashboard of your server.
Do at the server to the directory "Saved" and copy everything from there to your Harddrive. (Just select the whole folder)

When restarting with a new server just shut it down after the first starup, enter the FTP Client, delete the Saved Folder and copy your saved one at its place. It may be possible, that some of the settings will change since the Settings-Panel likes to overwrite some of the .ini s if not at the same value, but at least your char, tribe and island data should be restored this way.

(disclaimer: i didnt do it myself on a server, but this is the way i do it when i copy a server to a local machine. I am like 99% sure it will work this way :-) )

Oh, to save time, you dont have to download or upload the backups in the savedarks folder. only the island.ark file is important. maybe have the latest 2 backups (with the timestamp in the name) and the
TheIsland_AntiCorruptionBackup.bak and TheIsland_NewLaunchBackup.bak as well to be save

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