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  • "donkeyboy" started this thread

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Saturday, January 2nd 2016, 1:39pm

4 hours later and I still can't get on my server.

I'm getting sick of this server. Yesterday I was booted 6 times in the space of a few minutes and would have been lucky to have had 20 minutes play between the first time out and the sixth - and that was over two hours of wait time. Today - same thing - booted once...with no explanation. Got on about 45 minutes later after waiting for my server to get fixed. 5 minutes of play time then booted again. 30 minutes later, got on again - booted within five minutes. My friend and I finally gave up. Now, it's been four hours and I have not be able to get into my server. It just keeps saying it's timed out, but won't even get into the loading screen. So...I had a total of about 10 hours I could have played today...and I'd have been lucky if I got two or three.

I'm am so pissed off with myself for buying another three months on this server after testing it for a couple weeks. They clearly can't handle the traffic and their responses to my problems are a joke. For instance, yesterday when I put in a ticket for getting booted 6 times with only about 15 to 20 minutes game time - "Your Gameserver is online and available at the moment. Therefore, I assume that you've already resolved said request on your own. If your request was not of a temporary nature, I'd ask you to write us again. If you are still unable to connect to your server, I'd recommend reading our Wiki article about how to connect to ARK: Survival Evolved Gameservers:"

So...because my game suddenly started working, I must have fixed it? No...your servers finally got their act together and I was able to get on. How was it of a temporary nature when I told them how I'm dropping out several times a day and yesterday I dropped out six times in a short period of time? And what's worse it that there's no explanation for their servers timing out. I mean, it was probably a patch update - but there was no countdown, no notification that that is why I couldn't connect. I should have read the reviews for this server before I paid.


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Saturday, January 2nd 2016, 3:54pm

We've been able to use ours for a total of 2 hours in the past 3 days. Once I can get the group together we'll have to discuss moving to another host because Nitrado does nothing and the "help" they recently hired? Supposed community support? Only see something from them when the problem is been posted for days. My patience for the server is totally gone. Updating a server should NOT mean the server is down for hours, or days in our case.


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Wednesday, January 6th 2016, 2:58pm

we are renting a "high end " public game server with ark on it, but the server is now down for 36 hours!
I sended multiple tickets to nitrado support, but after 36 hours still nothing...
Anyone have simular problem?
Ive tried everything, now i even reinstalled the game on the server, no mods, no modified what so ever, ...still nothing
Some support would be great from nitrado, because for now,...i dont recommend nitrado to anyone

kind regards


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Wednesday, January 6th 2016, 3:53pm

the recent patch did cause issues with servers. my server was down most of the day yesterday because of it so maybe a restet will work try shutting down for 5 mins and restarting now with some new patchs it should come up wthin 5-30 minutes. this was ARK dropping the ball not nitrado


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Wednesday, January 6th 2016, 4:57pm

thumbs down for ZERO support from Nitrado. It is possible that the proble comes from ARK but Nitrado should communicate and care about their customers! Specially when it is paid service (renting a server)!


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Saturday, April 2nd 2016, 2:48pm

Starting to think I should have gone with a different server host. I am very displeased with mine and others experiences using Nitrado. I would be open to them rectifying my situation (still no response on my tickets) if they would just contact me but obviously they are either too understaffed or just do not care enough to.


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Sunday, April 3rd 2016, 11:39pm

Still having issues. I created a thread in german using google translator. Lets see if my cries are heard now.

Issue resolved, reinstall server, backups are present in web interface, note IP change, don't forget to add a 1 to the port when reconnecting.

See my forum thread

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