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  • "Geus" started this thread

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Thursday, November 17th 2016, 3:40pm

How to edit Mod ?

ya fell like a noob.... where and how do i change some mod setting ?

I am connected via FTP and cant seem to be able to find / edit any mod files.

For Exp i have a mod that need some change,

The following properties can be included in the "GameUserSettings.ini" file to adjust the behavior of the tombstone.
Setting must go under a section heading of "[PetRes]".

Available properties:

  • Lifespan: A float value that specifies how many seconds before the tombstone decomposes and the pet is no longer able to be revived. Defaults to 5 hours if not specified. With value of -1 the tombstone will never decompose.

  • LoseInventory: If set to true the pet will be revived without its inventory.

  • KeepEquipped: If set to true equipped items such as a saddle will be kept.

  • ControllerRefresh: Number of seconds between sweeps of the server for new tamed pets. Defaults to 1 second. Increasing my help with performance on server but will expose dino's for up to that number of seconds after first being tamed.

  • RequiresCrystal: By default this is false and will allow players to resurect a dino without crafting a Lifesource Crystal. If set to true a Lifeforce crystal is required and will require 15 Crystal, 10 Stimulants, 5 Rare Flowers and 2 Rare Mushrooms to craft. To change the requirements see the advanced configuration below.



Nitrado Employee

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Friday, November 18th 2016, 8:07am

There should be an option within the control panel to turn on Expert settings.

This will mean you will lose the settings applied from the configuration page.

But will allow you to edit the gameusersettings.ini and game.ini.

Once you stop your server. You will need to leave it at least 5 minutes before restarting, before settings will apply.

The best way of editing the 2 files is to download them via ftp to your desktop.

Make any edits.

You can use these 2 websites to help you.

Once you have edited the files re up load via ftp.

If you are adding custom mods, dont forget to add the mods in the normal configuration screen, will allow you to see when they are updated.

game.ini example -

GameUserSettings.ini example -

Any issues or further advice just ask.


User / Kunde

  • "Geus" started this thread

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Friday, November 18th 2016, 12:56pm

will this wipe my actual server not talking about setting but all the stuff and tamed animal ? if i chance to expert ?


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