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Tuesday, September 5th 2017, 12:18am

Server Wiped

I've had my server running for several days straight with no issues. We played until roughly 6:30am EST this morning and logged off. When I woke up and logged on this afternoon everything was wiped. No base, no animals, no gear...Just my character levels were in tact. Can anyone tell me what is going on and if I can fix the issue?

Thanks! ;(


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Wednesday, September 6th 2017, 8:04am

The only way to fix this issue would be if you had previously backed up your savegame


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Thursday, September 7th 2017, 5:34pm

I had the same issue. I submitted a trouble ticket to figure out the issue. I restored a backup and got mostly everything back but we all lost 24 hours of progress.



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Thursday, September 7th 2017, 7:24pm

There are different types of 'having a backup'.

The game is backed up every 2hrs on FTP. You can verify this by logging in FTP and see your map ARK file stamped pretty close to every 2hrs. You can also verify this in your GUI here and restore from.

The 'server' is backed up every 24hrs. You can restore this from your GUI as well.

The 'DB' is backed up every 24hrs if you are using it.

The above is what Nitrado does for you.
But as a server owner we are responsible for even more frequent backups. You can log in FTP or run an application to pull the shooter folder via FTP as often as you wish. A bit overkill, but works.
Also if an admin is on, to be safe when they log off you should be doing a saved world.
Also in the GUI or ini file you have "Auto-save interval
". Mine is set every 30m. I believe this is just like 'save world'.

So say your server crashed and you were still in the 30m window and no savedfiles, you would loose progress. Its why I have a habit now to do saveworld more often while ingame.
Now say the server crashed and was a hard crash and say they replaced a HW- more than likely all progress could be lost. I am sure Nitrado has back ups of back ups and would restore from the most resent one they have.
Also it has been known that WC may have released an updated that may wipe a server. Sometimes planned, sometimes in error and can not be restored. Did I even mention sometimes MODs can and will corrupted game files and you cant restore from those. Be careful stacking yellow/core mods. Its why I stay safer with green mods.

Server host and web hosts actually are not liable for server game/config files for being destroyed. That pretty much will be any host.

Now if you are talking PS4, I have no information on those and how they are handled. My information provided is base don personal experience with Nitrado, Support Ticket, hosting my own servers, and owning a hosting company. Then of course there are International laws that apply. Anyways- i am off subject and appears have been for a bit. lol.

Summary, probably should get in the habit of backing up the shooter folder when you can. I know it sucks to loose stuff. When you are running a server I know we do our best to make the best place for our gamers to play and have fun.

Sorry you lost your game progress. Probably should create a Support ticket and see what they say the problem was.
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