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Monday, September 17th 2018, 6:38am

Here is how you get your custom self-made or downloaded custom map to show in the map picker thingy ^_^

I wrote this easy to understand guide that explains in simple words how to add a custom map you subscribe to on steam as a map you can choose in the menu for your ARK Nitrado server since the current information showing how to do this is not actually correct.

Add the mod to your subscribed list in steam.

Add it's id to the server mod list.

Start the server and let it become fully online.

Run ARK on your pc and let it download the newly subscribed map.

Once it's done shut off the game and navigate to the Steam\steamapps\workshop folder and in that folder where there a bunch of numbered folders, search for your maps steam mod ID and it should pull up two things, a folder that matches the steam mod id and a single file that is a .mod file that also has the same name.

Copy only the .mod file ( the single file ) and upload it to your Nitrado Ark servers mods folder at arkse\ShooterGame\Content\Mods.

Refresh the general settings page for the server and in the drop-down menu you will now see the map you added, click it and save the change, then restart the server and off you go!

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