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Freitag, 11. Januar 2019, 19:30

setting up differnt auto renews

okay got my second server up.. and for the life of me, cant recall where i saw the auto renew button for differnt types. y'know. cc and credits?

also since i brought the serv up onb this account, where can i find my old save files for rag server? >.>

oh and.. wyvern nests are not spawning... on rag. i took and used a whip on all spots. and nothing. did dino wipes and resets. nothing still.
And im getting kicked out of my tribe after every time i log out... WTF happened to nitrado servers? ive never had this much of an issue.

And NOW ive lost my character all together... WHAT IN THE HELL! Even after reverting my extinction server. cant get my character back... which shouldnt of been an issue because it rolls all data back.

Theres just too many game breaking issues to justify renting a server at this time...

Tried playing Primitive plus.
Wyverns dont spawn in either nest location. so no nests.
Engrams dissapear.
Tranqs dissapear upon logout.
Characters get kicked from tribe upon logout.
Loot crates and beacons dont spawn.
Artifacts dont spawn.

Litterly.. why the hell am i paying for this server?

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