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Montag, 11. Februar 2019, 06:05

changing maps and keeping map saves

Ok so i was looking at possibly changing maps and i was wondering if i do will i loose all the save data for the map i am currently running? ... i seen a post about downloading the data but i am on a ps4 and read that cannot happen... so if i change maps will i loose everything on that map? i also read that if i change maps that i could change back and restore the data but only for 7 days after 7 days i would loose what is daved on my original this correct?


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Montag, 11. Februar 2019, 07:16

I dont know if its on ps4 the same as on pc. But it should work like on pc. We changed the map without losing anything. Our Characters have the same level.

The Savegames on PC looks like that : ../Shotergame/Saved/SavedArks
There are some files like "XXX.arktribe ", "SteamID.arkprofile", "AnotherSteamID.arkprofile"
,"ScorchedEarth.ark" ,"TheIsland.ark"

If u tried it and lost all, you can do a rollback of your server, it will take few minutes but everything should be restored after that

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Wenn ich helfen konnte , lass doch bitte ein Danke da :)