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Thursday, February 21st 2019, 3:06pm

Switching to a different map with the ability to go back.

So my family has our own private server. We have been playing for a good month now and have a decent setup.

We are toying with the idea of trying another map. Possibly Aberation. We don't want to carry over our players. We would rather just start from scratch again for this map.
Is it feasible to keep our existing map/players that we have setup on the Island, with the ability to go back if we are not happy with the new map?

I can see that NItrado has 5 days worth of server backups. But what if we are playing Aberation for a few weeks and decide to go back to where we last left the Island? Would I be out of luck? Or is there a way to "hold" the last backup for x amount of days?

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Thursday, February 21st 2019, 3:29pm

PC or Console?
If PC, your options greatly increase.

With PC you can visit the Wiki and do the manual backup process. Once that is completed (being server should be shutdown). Delete the profiles and tribe files if you want to force people to start a new character.
Start back up server, then change map. One way of doing it, and cleaner cause others will suggest other ideas and ways.

If console since you do not have access to FTP- eventually the data will be saved over. Cause most folks just change the map.
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