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Dienstag, 2. Oktober 2018, 07:01

Server Password Changed

So, my friend owns a server here. We have an issue where we cannot join the server because the password for the server was changed automatically.

At first, we had a password set up so only we can join as it is a private server. Then, after a while, the password protection was lifted. On the same day, the password protection re-appeared but it is no longer the same password as before. We do not know it and we cannot join the server.

My friend cannot access the server panel, as server shows off-line. However, that is not true because the server is live on the server list in-game.

We do not know what to do and its now two days after the incident and we still can't access the server nor do we heard any feedback from the ticket that my friend sent. (I have the ticket reference number if needed).

The knowledge base does not have any information regarding this issue and I tried to get phone help support, but it's really difficult because I don't speak German and I can't quite hit the time for the US.

The server name is CallumBradford.

There forum topic with the same issue:
Password suddenly reset



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Dienstag, 2. Oktober 2018, 16:57

Sorry that you are having an issue.

You did the right thing by creating the ticket.
And you did a good thing calling. I would recommended calling that number per the office hours posted. You will get someone that you should be able to understand.

Unfortunately nothing we can do in the forums. We do not have access to any information.
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