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Friday, November 30th 2018, 12:42pm

Lots of stuttering during gameplay

I recently started up a new conan exiles server and noticed loads of stuttering\lag during game play. Its a small 10 slot advanced spec server. Never noticed this before on my previous conan servers which also had lots more players on it. This one only has 2 players currently.

Any ideas what might be causing this stutter?


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Tuesday, December 4th 2018, 1:10pm

I am having the same issue. I threw money at the problem after learning Conan Exiles used to have a MINIMUM requirement of 8 Gigs of Ram in early access.... Granted I am sure the performance has improved since then but I am not holding my breath, nor do I have a lot of faith in a dev team that can't get mounts working because riders fall through the world :-) Joking aside, they are adorable developers who have passion.... I wish the game released as it stands now lol.

Getting back on track, we upgraded from 2Gigs, to 3 Gigs (I noticed an improvement with rubber banding nearly stopping) Eventually I went ahead and picked Nitrados Ultimate Package 6 Gigs. (It is enough when 3-6 people are online) The warping of enemies is significantly better, however our inventories take forever to load, and we do get the occasional rubber band. We have 10 people now. We are in serious trouble if we all decide to log in at the same time. 4-5 people being online puts us dangerously close to our limit around 5.5 gigs. (depending on what activities they are doing)

I tried sending a support ticket Sunday night after experiencing roughly 5 lengthy crashes and hangups which required me to manually shut down, wait, and reboot the server. Eventually started tearing down lights and decorations while fewer of my friends were online. The server is now stable, and we all follow a strict rule when it comes to base building. No overlapping light sources, and do not mix and match walls or blocks when possible. (Stick with a theme so there are less different objects to load) By reducing the complexity of items needed to load it has helped a bit... We also consolidated many of our chests into a single stockpile and reduced the number of boxes (and their item inventories.) One stack of 100 steel bars is less memory then 2 stacks of 50 steel bars in two separate boxes.

We also all live (for the most part) In the same area of the world. A massive town, and so our server is not having to load far away chunks. I fear what is going to happen when we all spread out and the server is having to handle multiple zones in the world all at once. I suspect we are going to crash again. Routinely.

Nitrado support has NOT gotten back to me. I had requested an upgrade to 10 Gigs of ram in hopes of avoiding these issues. However it might not be a possibility since the cap seems to be 6 unless you have a minecraft server.

EDIT: I Noticed I could upgrade the number of player slots, and it seems to have an affect on how much Ram is allocated. I can get the server up to 8 Gigs (which is probably enough) by adding for 4 more player slots, and its cheaper then what I would be paying elsewhere. So win. I could be misunderstanding their setup and ram allocation but thats what seems to be the options. Either way time to delete the support ticket.

I am mentioning this to you, because you might be able to fiddle with the player slots, and maybe take it up to a professional setting (instead of ultimate) to find the sweet spot.

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