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Sunday, January 29th 2017, 10:27pm

SteamWorks Authentication Dropping players

I just got a 7d2d server, made it private with a password, turned off the EAC.

Regardless of the settings it seems, everyone is getting booted with the below issue. Myself and other players can log into other servers without being kicked. Why is my server doing this?? :cursing:

2017-01-29T13:16:40 768.617 INF [Steamworks.NET] Authentication callback. ID: 76561198006520191, owner: 76561198006520191, result: k_EAuthSessionResponseAuthTicketCanceled
2017-01-29T13:16:40 768.645 INF [Steamworks.NET] Kick player for invalid login: 76561198006520191 Maj Rawne, (Looney Bin) Jim
2017-01-29T13:16:40 768.665 INF Kicking player: Kicked by Steam. Please check if you are logged in correctly.
2017-01-29T13:16:40 769.136 INF Player disconnected: EntityID=172, PlayerID='76561198006520191', OwnerID='76561198006520191', PlayerName='Maj Rawne, (Looney Bin) Jim'
2017-01-29T13:16:40 769.168 INF GMSG: Player 'Maj Rawne, (Looney Bin) Jim' left the game
2017-01-29T13:16:40 769.187 INF NET: UNET: Dropping client: 1


User / Kunde

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Tuesday, January 31st 2017, 10:29am

Good morning,

I guess that was a temporary issue, wasn't it?

Marvin Schubert

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