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Monday, January 7th 2019, 1:13am


hey guys, how is all.
Today I want ask for the pre-orders server for atlas.
How many days we need waiting for have the server?
I don´t have any date, any answer from the support center to my ticket. just nothing! :(
And yes, I know how to send the tickets, before I work like support games for Nitrado.

The server is order= 31 of december. :cursing:

ID 202413***
Publicserver 10 Slots 30 Días
31/12/18, 02:38:08


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Monday, January 7th 2019, 1:55pm

well im aiting meself for 8 day's to gett a server,ther is no time when the server will be online.
Can be today,tomorrow or in a week or more no one knows.
This is wurse then waiting on a game release,atleast there you have a date and hour for it,lol



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Monday, January 7th 2019, 5:05pm

Pre-Orders have no ETA.
They are being worked 1 by 1.
.:Nitrado Forum Volunteer:.

(250+ Atlas hrs, 3000+ ARK hrs, 200+ Conan hrs)
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Wednesday, January 9th 2019, 10:19am

i got the same prob...i ordert mine at 24 dec....and still have no server running...server and 2 Expansion Servers and still waiting. :cursing: :(


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Wednesday, January 9th 2019, 2:40pm

Hey all, I am just curious as to what location you Pre-Ordered at? I have pre-ordered from New York, server and 8 expansion and have been waiting since Jan 3. Just curious if you are waiting on the same location? Thanks for any reply in advance.

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