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Saturday, January 26th 2019, 6:58pm

atlas sever not even starting

guys anyone know how to sort as tickets are a waste of time, submitted but no reply for hours, ive named my server and adjusted all setting i.e gather rates, but the server is not responding and i cant even find it in atlas server list, nitrado seem to be weak on customer service so any help appreciated



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Sunday, January 27th 2019, 1:13am

Could try force shutdown, wait 5m. Then start server.
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Tuesday, January 29th 2019, 10:55pm

I have the same problem even shutting down and restarting does not work.
Here is a screen shot with the server "Started "

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Sunday, February 10th 2019, 4:03am

This might be a silly question, but do you have a Home Server selected on the map under your "Configure your Atlas"? One time I somehow managed to unselect that during a server reboot and it wouldn't let me start the server. It'd try to start but end up not. Took me a good couple of minutes to realize I managed to unselect my Home Server on the map.

The Map view should have at least one tile highlighted yellow.

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