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About me

  • Hello fellow gamers!

    Thought to introduce myself since I have been here since March 2017.
    Also to help a little on what my 'function' is here. ;)

    My online gaming name is DOA. Which is said "Dee" "Oh" "A", not Doh aa. Short for Dead On Arrival.
    I got the name DOA from playing Counterstrike Beta way back when.
    I was deadly with the AWP and Deagle. In multiple ladders back in the day with high rankings.
    Some see my name as DOAGEN. This was invented because many sites do not allow just 3 letters, and since I held rank of General in my Community- they were united.
    DOA+GEN = DOAGEN. Or said as Dohgen.

    I started my community back in 2000 as CyberGameZone. Back in the day I hosted one of the largest downloads for CS Maps.
    I was in the top 2 sites back then that hosted maps along with CS Banana. Times sure have changed.

    Anyways, I could go on and on.

    Nitrado brought me on board as an 'Extended Employee'. Basically a Volunteer Moderator.
    I have a deep background in many games, experience, online ventures, communications, and so on.
    I have been official 'Extended' since July of 2017.

    My age doesn’t really matter, but I already aged myself above. I am 40+. How’s that.

    I still run the CyberGameZone community and Discord. CyberGameZone is a Partner with Nitrado. That relationship has been wonderful.

    Now onto why I am here.
    I am one of the Moderators of the Forums. I will be moderator mostly the English side of the forums, and mostly ARK.
    But have expanded to Conan and Atlas. Atlas atm is becoming the main one for myself. So just like you all, I'm learning.
    Folks, this is a Community Support Forum, not a place to post tickets for Billing/Server Issues.
    To contact Nitrado Support you will need to submit a ticket or contact them via Skype.
    Remember that Nitrado does have a Wiki.

    I will monitor the forums to make sure the rules are enforced. Some examples, no spamming, no foul language, no attacks on anyone or negative comments, no multiple posts.
    I am someone that does not just give Answers. I know peeps like to post a question and expect an exact answer.
    Well, a few problems with that: (1) peeps ask the same questions over and over and monitoring a forum this size is already a lot of work.
    (2) Many, many resources already exist. I will always encourage folks to use like Google, the Official Sites of games. Typically those are the greatest places for info.
    (3) I myself learned by doing hours of research for my own answers. People do learn from doing the same.
    (4) I sure will give some direction. I honestly try to reply to every post I see that I can provide something.
    (5) Sometimes I will sit back and watch the forum topic and the community helping each other. That is really why this forum is here. It's for the Community!

    Being I have been here a while, some are like- hmm, what does he do or why does he always direct us. Well, that answer my friends is:
    It is what I have been trained to do. When I was brought on board so many posts were made with zero replies. Now majority are getting directions where to go, and what to do.
    Feel free to post. Some have even sent me an IM/Message. I encourage those that do that; it's better to post in the forums as someone else may have the same question.
    No question is dumb. I have seen where folks even ask, "Um- what's a Wiki". It's ok.

    I am not able to pick up your ticket, or advise where your ticket is in the queue, or even access your account.

    Thank you for choosing Nitrado as your Gaming Server Provider and Community!
    And thank you for your comments, suggestions, and influences.
    Take care.
.:Nitrado Forum Volunteer:.

(250+ Atlas hrs, 3000+ ARK hrs, 200+ Conan hrs)
Server hosting, Config edits, Player/Gamer
Steam: CyberGameZone
Owner/Founder of CyberGameZone /
CyberGameZone est. yr2000
**Nitrado Partner**

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